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Royal Music Packages

The Royal Classics (First Edition)

44 Original Royal Tunes Never Before Released In Digital Format

We have been able to recover over 200 2” reel-to-reel studio masters of Royal releases from the early years.We had them professionally remastered and remixed into pure MP3 digital format. Hear the awesome Nashville musicians' instrumentation never captured by generational loss of pressing records.

This Introductory Limited Time Offer Is Available In A Complete Package Only, for $200!
Sale Ends October 15, 2023

Buy the Royal Classics (First Edition) cartAdd To Cart ($200.00)
RYL 101 Somebody Like Me Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 103 You're Still The One Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 105 Lousiana Fais Do Do Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 106 I Have To Say I Love You In A Song Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 110 Just When I Needed You Most Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 113 Honky Tonk Woman Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 120 Temptation Eyes Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 129 Calling Baton Rouge Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 130 Be My Baby Tonight Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 202 Everybody Loves A Lover Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 203 Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 204 Around The World With Bill Bailey Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 205 You Dont Have To Be Alone Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 206 I Believe In Music Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 207 Everything Is Wonderful Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 208 Dream On Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 210 Mack The Knife Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 211 Under The Boardwalk Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 212 Rock And Roll Heaven Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 213 Longer Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 215 When Will I Be Loved Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 217 Sooner Or Later Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 218 Listen To The Music Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 220 It's So Nice To Be With You Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 228 Long Train Running Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 301 Beautiful Brown Eyes Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 302 Dreamin' Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 303 Morning Sky Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 304 Oh Why Must We Ever Say Goodbye Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 307 On And On Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 308 I Saw The Light Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 310 Blue Christmas Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 311 My Heart Skips A Beat Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 313 Brown Eyed Girl Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 314 Little Brown Church In The Vale Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 338 You've Got Me Thinking Of You Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 341 Spirit In The Sky Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MusicVocalSheet
RYL 403 Doghouse / Flea Flicker (Patter) A sideB side
RYL 506 Get Rhythm Larry Letson MusicVocalSheet
RYL 508 When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder Larry Letson MusicVocalSheet
RYL 509 Let's All Go Down To The River Larry Letson MusicVocalSheet
RYL 510 Bad Leroy Brown Larry Letson MusicVocalSheet
RYL 527 Pride and Joy Larry Letson MusicVocalSheet
RYL 540 That'll Be The Day Larry Letson MusicVocalSheet
RYL 601 Tennessee River Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine, Larry Letson MusicVocalSheet
RYL 807 He's Got The Whole World In His Hand Randy Dougherty MusicVocalSheet
RYL 811 You're In My Heart Randy Dougherty MusicVocalSheet

47 titles displayed

Royal 2022 Platinum Package

At the beginning of each year, Royal introduces a collection of singing calls and patter titles (at least 10, but usually more) as our Platinum package. This is available exclusively to our Royal Platinum Members (RPM) for a year. Memberships can be purchased through this website, although Royal reserves the right to limit the number of memberships in a specific geographical area to avoid over-saturation. (Please see our Platinum Membership Guidelines.)

When the new year comes, a new Platinum collection is introduced, and the old one becomes a Gold collection. Gold collections are available to callers outside our RPM program, still as a complete collection, but at a reduced price. The songs are also offered for sale as individual titles at that time, for those who only want a few of that year's offering; however, the Gold package price still offers a substantial savings over purchasing all of the songs as singles.

Join the Royal Platinum Membership (RPM) program for 2022. When approved, you'll be able to log into the RPM section and download the songs in this year's Platinum collection. cartAdd To Cart ($160.00)
RYL 1017 Blue Bayou Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1018 Couldn't Get It Right Justin Russell MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1019 Dancing On The Ceiling Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1020 Life's About To Get Good Hunter Keller MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1021 Gone At Last Rob Baird MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1022 Humble And Kind Jack Pladdys MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1023 Reach A Little Higher Travis Cook MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1024 Taking Care Of Business Jet Roberts MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1025 Walk a Mile in My Shoes Travis Cook MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1026 Working At The Car Wash Blues Jet Roberts MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1027 Sunshine Tony Oxendine MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1028 You Let Me Down Justin Russell MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1029 When You're In Love (With A Beautiful Woman) Rob Baird MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1030 If You Love Me Jack Pladdys MusicSheet
RYL 1031 Roll On 18 Wheeler Mac O’Jima MusicSheet
RYL 1032 Hard Candy Christmas Juli Burr MusicVocalSheet
RYL 1033 Longfellow Serenade Hunter Keller MusicVocalSheet
RYL 4007 Royal Machine Gun (Patter) Music
RYL 4008 Royal Cantina (Patter) Music
RYL 4009 Royal Outta Space (Patter) Music
RYL 4010 Royal Route (Patter) Music

21 titles displayed

Royal Gold Packages

A year after a Royal Platinum package has been introduced, a new Platinum package comes out and the previous package enters Gold status. Gold collections may still be purchased together, sometimes at lower cost from their initial price when introduced, even after the songs in the collection are released for single sale — the cost of the collection is lower than purchasing all of the songs it contains as single titles!

Royal Gold 16 (2021)

RYL 633 Don't It Make You Want To Go Home Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 1001 Beatles Medley Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 1002 Do It Again Joe Saltel (Harmony Cheryl Tiburzi) MVS
RYL 1003 Going Round One More Time Jack Pladdys MVS
RYL 1004 Help Is On The Way Ted Lizotte MVS
RYL 1005 I Hear You Knockin Jay Henderson MVS
RYL 1006 Imagine Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 1007 Keep The Customer Satisfied Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 1008 Lido Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 1009 Little Things Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1010 One Pair Of Hands Noah Siegmann MHVS
RYL 1011 Reunited Curt Braffett MVS
RYL 1012 Talk Back Trembling Lips Jack Pladdys MVS
RYL 1013 Tulsa Time Rob Baird MVS
RYL 1014 You're My Home Elmer Sheffield MVS
RYL 1015 Alone Again, Naturally Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 1016 Not Enough Love Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 4002 Royal Evil Ways (Patter) M
RYL 4003 Royal Love Songs (Patter) M
RYL 4005 Royal Hot Stuff (Patter) M
RYL 4006 Royal Treasure (Patter) M

21 titles displayed

Royal Gold 15 (2020)

RYL 288 Carry On My Wayward Son Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 289 Dancing In The Moonlight Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 290 Shape I'm In, The Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 468 Royal King Of Swing (Patter) M
RYL 469 Royal Knock Out (Patter) M
RYL 470 Royal Rhythm (Patter) M
RYL 630 Thousand Miles From Nowhere, A Jerry Story MVS
RYL 631 Blue Clear Sky Jerry Story MVS
RYL 632 Help Me Make It Through The Night Jerry Story MVS
RYL 736 Baby Blue Jed Siegmann MHVS
RYL 737 Can't You See Jack Pladdys MVS
RYL 738 Child Forgiven Jed Siegmann MHVS
RYL 739 Get Back Joe Saltel MVS
RYL 740 I'll Come Running To You Curt Braffett MVS
RYL 741 Long Live Rock Betsy Gotta, Tony Oxendine MVFVS
RYL 1513 Born To Be Wild Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1614 Standing Outside The Fire Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 1615 They Call Me The Breeze Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 1705 Am I That Easy To Forget Jay Henderson MVS
RYL 1706 Paint Me A Birmingham Jay Henderson MVS
RYL 1707 Bad Moon Rising Harue Swift MVS
RYL 2001 Ruby Baby Jerry Story MVS

22 titles displayed

Royal Gold 14 (2019)

RYL 284 I'm Confessing Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 285 Rock Me Gently Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 286 Sure as I's Sittin' Here Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 287 You Were Always on my Mind Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 464 Royal Hawkeye (Patter) Jed Siegmann MV
RYL 465 Royal Keeps Me Singing (Patter) Noah Siegmann MV
RYL 466 Royal Ritz (Patter) Lincoln Siegmann MV
RYL 467 Royal's Latest Flame (Patter) Jerry Story MV
RYL 626 Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy Jerry Story MVS
RYL 627 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Jerry Story MVS
RYL 628 Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes (Tribute to Lane, Flippo, Kopman) Jerry Story MBVS
RYL 629 My Heart Jerry Story MVS
RYL 731 Sweet Home Alabama Jack Pladdys MVS
RYL 732 Garden Party Jack Pladdys MVS
RYL 733 She's With Me Joe Saltel MVS
RYL 734 What am I Doing Hangin' Round Curt Braffett MHVS
RYL 735 Cat's in the Cradle Noah Siegmann, Jed Siegmann, Lincoln Siegmann MHVS
RYL 1512 Country Roads Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1613 Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 1704 Together Again Jay Henderson MVS

20 titles displayed

Royal Gold 13 (2018)

RYL 282 Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 283 Tenth Avenue Freeze Out Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 459 Royal Albatraoz (Patter) Lincoln Siegmann, Jed Siegmann MV
RYL 460 Royal All Night Long (Patter) M
RYL 461 Royal Eyes (Patter) M
RYL 462 Royal Mama Talkin (Patter) Jed Siegmann MV
RYL 463 Royal Whoopsy Daisy (Patter) Lincoln Siegmann MV
RYL 621 American Girl Jerry Story MVS
RYL 622 Born To Boogie Jerry Story MVS
RYL 623 Give Me That Wink Jerry Story MVS
RYL 624 Okie From Muskogee Jerry Story MVS
RYL 625 Walking In Memphis Jerry Story MVS
RYL 727 Centerfield Jack Pladdys MVS
RYL 728 Highway 40 Blues Curt Braffet MVS
RYL 729 You Call Everybody Darling Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 730 Talking To The Moon Noah Siegmann, Jed Siegmann, Lincoln Siegmann MHVS
RYL 1217 Top Of The World Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1511 Rainy Day Song Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1612 Rockin' Pneumonia Hunter Keller MHVS

19 titles displayed

Royal Gold 12 (2017)

RYL 278 Annie's Song Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 279 Sunny Side of the Street Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 280 This Old Heart of Mine Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 455 Royal Beat Turner (Patter) M
RYL 456 Royal Floor Filler (Patter) M
RYL 457 Royal Groove Tonight (Patter) M
RYL 458 Royal Honey I'm Good (Patter) M
RYL 617 Day Dreams Jerry Story MHVS
RYL 618 Head Over Boots Jerry Story MHVS
RYL 619 Katmandu Jerry Story MVS
RYL 620 On Second Thought Jerry Story MVS
RYL 722 Morning Train Noah Siegmann MVS
RYL 723 Ain't Livin' Long Like This Curt Braffet MVS
RYL 724 Rock and Roll Heart Curt Braffet MVS
RYL 725 Its Too Late Baby Noah Siegmann MVS
RYL 726 Juke Joint Jumpin' Jack Pladdys MVS
RYL 1510 Shower The People Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1610 Back to the Country Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 1611 Davy Crockett Hunter Keller MHVS

19 titles displayed

Royal Gold 11 (2016)

RYL 276 Ain't Too Proud to Beg Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 277 Old Time Rock and Roll Tony Oxendine MHVS
RYL 453 Royal Smackwater Jack (Patter) M
RYL 454 Royally Make My Day (Patter) M
RYL 611 Country Boy Jerry Story MVS
RYL 612 I Ain't Got Nobody Jerry Story MHVS
RYL 613 She's A Miracle Jerry Story MHVS
RYL 614 Honey Jerry Story MHVS
RYL 615 Can I See You Tonight Jerry Story MHVS
RYL 616 Tom Dooley Jerry Story MHVS
RYL 716 Stormy Joe Saltel MVS
RYL 717 Hurts So Good Jeremy Butler MVS
RYL 718 The Longest Time Noah Siegmann MVS
RYL 719 The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Curt Braffet MVS
RYL 720 Lord I Hope This Day Is Good Curt Braffet MHVS
RYL 721 Would You Lay With Me Noah Siegmann MVS
RYL 1215 I'd Rather Be in Carolina Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1216 Reach Out a Hand Make A Friend Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1508 Feeling Fine Today Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1509 You Can Have Her Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1608 Fire it Up Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 1609 If My Friends Could See Me Now Hunter Keller MVS

22 titles displayed

Royal Gold 10 (2015)

RYL 197 Chains Jerry Story MVS
RYL 198 Rainy Day Women Jerry Story MVS
RYL 199 Workin' Man Blues Jerry Story MVS
RYL 272 It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 273 12th of Never Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 274 Sunny Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 275 Walk Right Back Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 449 Royal Diggity (Patter) M
RYL 450 Royal I Like You (Patter) M
RYL 451 Royal Side of the Street (Patter) M
RYL 452 Royal Venus (Patter) M
RYL 609 Venus Jerry Story with Joe & Noah on Harmony MHVS
RYL 610 Glory Days Jerry Story MVS
RYL 710 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover Noah Siegmann MVS
RYL 711 After Midnight Wade Driver MVS
RYL 712 Hallelujah I Love Her So Joe Saltel MVS
RYL 713 My Kind of Girl Joe Saltel MVS
RYL 714 I'd Really Love To See You Tonight Noah Siegmann MVS
RYL 1214 Poor Poor Pitiful Me Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1607 You've Got A Friend Hunter Keller MVS

20 titles displayed

Royal Gold 9 (2014)

RYL 193 A Brighter Day Jerry Story (Curt and Noah Harmony) MVS
RYL 194 I Love The Night Life Jerry Story MVS
RYL 195 Love's Gonna Live Here Jerry Story MVS
RYL 196 Seventh Son Jerry Story MVS
RYL 268 Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 269 I Always Have a Song to Sing Tony Oxendine MHVS
RYL 270 Walk Right In Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 271 Write Myself A Letter Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 445 Royal Days of Gold (Patter) Joe Saltel MV
RYL 446 Royal Rootin' Tootin' (Patter) Jon Jones, Deborah Carroll-Jones MV
RYL 447 Royal Call On Me (Patter) Jon Jones, Deborah Carroll-Jones MV
RYL 448 Royal Jagger (Patter) Johnny Preston MV
RYL 608 Dream a Little Dream Jerry Story, Curt Braffet, Noah Siegmann MHVS
RYL 707 Buttercup Noah Siegmann MVS
RYL 708 Dixie Road Curt Braffet MVS
RYL 709 Slow Boat to China Robert Hurst MVS
RYL 1213 Down to my Last Teardrop Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1506 Hungry Heart Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1606 Daniel Hunter Keller MVS

19 titles displayed

Royal Gold 8 (2013)

RYL 189 You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance Jerry Story MVS
RYL 190 Fighting Side Of Me Jerry Story MVS
RYL 191 Saturday In The Park Jerry Story MVS
RYL 192 50 Amp Man Jerry Story MVS
RYL 265 There Goes My Baby Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 266 Come From The Heart Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 267 China Grove Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 438 Royal Boogie Wonderland (Patter) M
RYL 439 Royal Buck (Patter) M
RYL 440 Royal Dancing (Patter) M
RYL 441 Royal Fighting (Patter) M
RYL 442 Royal Heart (Patter) M
RYL 443 Royal You (Patter) M
RYL 607 Come Sail Away Jerry Story, Joe Saltel MVS
RYL 704 Hit The Road Jack Joe Saltel MVS
RYL 705 Alone With You Paul Marcum, Dick Rueter MVS
RYL 706 Two Dozen Roses Noah Siegmann MVS
RYL 1212 Why Haven't I Heard From You Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1405 The Long Run Johnny Preston MVS
RYL 1505 Seven Bridges Road Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1605 Everyday Will Be Sunday By and By Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 1702 Goin' Home To Julie Jon Jones MVS
RYL 1703 Some Kind Of Trouble Deborah Carroll Jones MVS

23 titles displayed

Royal Gold 7 (2012)

RYL 183 My God Jerry Story MVS
RYL 184 I'll Be Satisfied Jerry Story MVS
RYL 185 Irish Stew Jerry Story MVS
RYL 186 That Rock Won't Roll Jerry Story MVS
RYL 187 Bouncing Off the Ceiling Jerry Story MVS
RYL 188 Grandpa Jerry Story MVS
RYL 263 Take a Chance on Me Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 264 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 359 Hummingbird Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 433 Royal Upside Down (Patter) M
RYL 434 Royal Voulez Vous (Patter) M
RYL 435 Royal Cherry Bomb (Patter) M
RYL 436 Royal Rodent (Patter) M
RYL 437 Royal Rodent Fiddle (Patter) M
RYL 605 Young Man's Game Hunter Keller, Justin Russell MVS
RYL 606 Cadillac Ranch Hunter Keller, Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1211 Honey You're the Reason Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1404 Say You Love Me Johnny Preston MVS
RYL 1504 Woke Up In Love Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1604 Holes in the Floor of Heaven Hunter Keller MVS

20 titles displayed

Royal Gold 6 (2011)

RYL 181 Your Love Jerry Story MHVS
RYL 182 Mockingbird Jerry Story, Anna Johansson MVMHFHS
RYL 350 Born Again American Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 351 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 352 Danny's Song Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 353 Headed for a Heartache Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 354 House of Blue Lights Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 355 Mustang Sally Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 356 Queen of Hearts Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 357 Something's Got A Hold of Me Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 358 Such a Night Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 429 Royal Billy John (Patter) M
RYL 430 Royal Mama (Patter) M
RYL 431 Royal Oh Suzanna (Patter) M
RYL 432 Royal Secret (Patter) M
RYL 1210 Pretty World Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1403 Here You Come Again Johnny Preston MVS
RYL 1503 Memphis Tennessee Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1603 Black Sheep Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 1701 Islands in the Stream Jon Jones and Deborah Carroll-Jones MVS

20 titles displayed

Royal Gold 5 (2010)

RYL 177 Maybelline Jerry Story MVS
RYL 178 Wait a Minute Jerry Story, Dick Rueter MVS
RYL 179 Never Gonna Give You Up Jerry Story MVS
RYL 180 Keep Your Hands to Yourself Jerry Story MVS
RYL 262 My Cherie Amore Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 347 Cotton Jenny Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 348 Keep On Singing Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 349 Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 426 Royal Boogie Hoedown (Patter) M
RYL 427 Royal Irish Hoedown (Patter) M
RYL 428 Royal Hallelujah Hoedown (Patter) M
RYL 603 Midnight Special Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine, Patty Greene, Hunter Keller, Justin Russell MVS
RYL 604 Lily of the Valley Jerry and Hunter Keller MVS
RYL 703 Blue Virginia Blues Marshall Flippo MVS
RYL 1209 I'll Follow the Sun Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1402 Song for a Winters Night Johnny Preston MVS
RYL 1502 Only You Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1602 Meet Me In Montana Hunter Keller MVS

18 titles displayed

Royal Gold 4 (2009)

RYL 169 Independence Day Jerry Story MVS
RYL 170 Everybody Wants to Go To Heaven Jerry Story MVS
RYL 171 Waterloo Jerry Story MVS
RYL 172 Born to Fly Jerry Story MVS
RYL 173 Come Go With Me Jerry Story MVS
RYL 174 Eagle Rock Jerry Story MVS
RYL 175 Forever and Always Jerry Story MVS
RYL 176 Tequila Sheila Jerry Story MVS
RYL 259 Oh What a Night Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 260 The Way You Do the Things You Do Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 261 Earth Angel Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 423 Bells On My Heart (Patter) M
RYL 424 Peter Piper (Patter) M
RYL 425 Royal Te Quiero Mas (Patter) M
RYL 823 Redneck Girl Randy Dougherty MVS
RYL 1208 Delta Dawn Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1401 Trickle Trickle Johnny Preston MVS
RYL 1501 Free Ride Justin Russell MVS
RYL 1601 Wild Horses Hunter Keller MVS

19 titles displayed

Royal Gold 3 (2008)

RYL 161 Above and Beyond Jerry Story MVS
RYL 162 Have a Little Talk with Jesus Jerry Story MVS
RYL 163 How Blue Can I Feel Jerry Story MVS
RYL 164 I Can't Fight This Feeling Jerry Story MVS
RYL 165 You Decorated My Life Jerry Story MVS
RYL 166 Wrapped Jerry Story MVS
RYL 167 Got No Reason for Going Home Jerry Story MVS
RYL 168 Can't Even Get the Blues Jerry Story MVS
RYL 255 Me And God Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 256 Everything is Beautiful Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 257 I've Loved Them Every One Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 258 Southern Nights Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 419 Ginger Bread (Patter) M
RYL 420 Mid Night (Patter) M
RYL 421 Cali Cumbias (Patter) M
RYL 422 Smiley Face (Patter) M
RYL 822 Tiger by the Tail Randy Dougherty MVS
RYL 1207 Dizzy Jerry Story MVS

18 titles displayed

Royal Gold 2 (2007)

RYL 158 Brand New Girlfriend Jerry Story MVS
RYL 159 I'm Only In It For The Love Jerry Story MVS
RYL 160 Do Ya Jerry Story MVS
RYL 252 The Closer You Get Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 253 Magic Carpet Ride Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 254 I Only Want To Be With You Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 340 Hanky Panky Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MVS
RYL 342 She Don't Know She's Beautiful Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MHVS
RYL 343 Step That Step Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MVS
RYL 344 Walk This Way Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MVS
RYL 345 Pure Love Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MVS
RYL 531 Honky Tonk Walkin' Larry Letson MVS
RYL 821 Aint Nothin' Shakin Randy Dougherty MVS
RYL 1206 In the Sweet By and By Patty Greene MVS

14 titles displayed

Royal Gold 1 (2006)

RYL 149 What's A Guy Gotta Do Jerry Story MVS
RYL 151 Billy Does Your Bulldog Bite Jerry Story MVS
RYL 153 Wings Of A Dove Jerry Story MVS
RYL 154 I'm Alright Jerry Story MVS
RYL 155 Waltzing Matilda Jerry Story MVS
RYL 156 Carefree Highway Jerry Story MVS
RYL 157 My Horse Is A Harley Jerry Story MVS
RYL 250 Crazy Little Thing Called Love Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 251 Stop And Smell The Roses Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 305 Do Run Run Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MVS
RYL 325 American Pie Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MVS
RYL 336 Neon Moon Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MVS
RYL 337 Down In Mexico Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story MVS
RYL 530 Move It On Over Larry Letson MVS
RYL 742 Doctor, Doctor Tim Marriner MVS
RYL 820 Somebody Touched Me Randy Dougherty MVS
RYL 1205 Burnin' Love Patty Greene MVS

17 titles displayed

Royal Gold 2005

RYL 147 Shake, Shake, Shake Jerry Story MVS
RYL 148 Sing the Blues To Daddy Jerry Story MVS
RYL 248 You Look So Good in Love Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 249 Get Down Tonight Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 333 Wave on Wave Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 334 My Bonnie Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 335 Hey Baby Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 412 Opie / Blue Eyes (Patter) AB
RYL 413 Popcorn / Royal Hawaiian Hoedown (Patter) AB
RYL 414 Yakety Yak / Ketar (Patter) AB
RYL 529 Lonesome Road Blues Larry Letson MVS
RYL 602 Hey Good Lookin' Royal Staff MVS
RYL 819 Inside Out Randy Dougherty MVS
RYL 1203 Holly Jolly Christmas Patty Greene MVS
RYL 1204 I've Got the Music in Me Patty Greene MVS

15 titles displayed

Royal Gold 2004

RYL 143 House at Pooh Corner Jerry Story MVS
RYL 144 Slip Sliding Away Jerry Story MVS
RYL 145 Love Grows Jerry Story MVS
RYL 244 Sweet Country Music Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 245 Only Make Believe Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 332 Help Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine MVS
RYL 411 Royal Roger / Roger Royal (Patter) AB
RYL 528 Down in the Boondocks Larry Letson MVS
RYL 743 Gimme Three Steps Tim Marriner MVS

9 titles displayed

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