Shes With Me

RYL 733

Joe Saltel



Sides Face Grand Square

*When the devils knocking at my door

*When Im broken and Im battle worn

*Down in the valley on my knees

*Yea shes, yea shes with me

Allemande Left and Weave

Aint she amazing, amazing out of my league

And aint it crazy, crazy she happened to me

She calls me baby, baby hard to believe

That shes, yea shes with me


Heads (SidesPromenade go halfway round

Walk in & pass the ocean now

Extend - Swing thru & then, Spin the top

Move up, a Right & Left thru - dont you stop

Two ladies chain you turn & send her right back

Dixie Style, keep her & promenade back

She calls me baby, baby, hard to believe

That she, yea shes with me.



*When my dreams are running out of road

*And the world around mes turning cold

*Anyone else would up and leave

*But shes, yea shes with me



Yea she, yea shes with me.