Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine

Original Artist:† many




Circle Left

Iím tired of living in this one horse town
I went to the station to flag that Hummingbird down

Allemande the corner of the hall, do a dosido

Allemande the corner of the hall

Weave around the ring

Now I'm off to the city, gonna make my name
Swing a little girl take her by the hand and Promenade

Iím gonna ride that Hummingbird



Heads (Sides) Promenade half-way

Down the middle Pass the Ocean


Girl Trade,,, †Boy Run,,,

Boy Trade,,,† †Couples Trade

Tag the line all the way, Face Right

Bend the Line,,,, Slide Thru

Swing your corner girl and Promenade the ring

Iím gonna ride that Hummingbird


I had to ride that Hummingbird


Jerry Story

4394 Jonathan Creek Rd.
Waynesville, NC 28785



Tony Oxendine

2640 Goldeneye Ridge

Sumter, SC 29150-1100



Additional Lyrics
I'm gonna make it now just any day
I've got this guitar and I came to play

Oh, today she called me on the telephone
She said: Hey country boy, you've been gone too long